Over the years, many successful Bed & Breakfast operators have benefitted from attending the lecture series that Stewart Whyte runs around Australia.

There’s nothing like learning first hand from an experienced industry pro and past attendees have been universally enthusiastic about the information Stewart has passed on.

If you are thinking of starting a Bed & Breakfast or want to make your existing Bed & Breakfast better and more profitable, these lectures are must-attend events.

Venues/Dates/times have so far been arranged for 2019 – as from February the 1st.
For all bookings and venues please phone the numbers against the college name.

Term Venues & Dates – 2019

Bondi – TBA
City East Community College – Phone 02 9387 7400

Penrith – Mar 28th
Nepean Community College – Phone 02 47215368 – 10am to 2pm

Cartwright – Mar 2nd
Macarthur Community College – Phone 029 826 6455 – 10am to 2 pm

Sydney – 2nd Term
Sydney Community College – Phone 02 8752 7555 – 10am to 4pm

Mosman – 2nd Term
Mosman Community College – Phone 02 998 4000 – 6pm to 9pm

Lismore – 2nd Term
ACE Community College – phone 0266 221 903 – 9am to 1pm

Wollongong – Mar 9th
WEA Illawarra – Phone 0242 261 622 – 10am to 2pm

Carlingford – TBA
Macquarie Community College – Phone 02884 58888 – 10am to 4pm

Canberra– TBA
Late-Nite Learning – Phone 026 142 0221 – 10am to 2pm

testimonialI thought you might like to know that your ‘start your own B&B’ course I attended in Sydney back in late 2008 was a great start to a new life. We left Sydney in 2009 and went looking for a better place to live and after a lot of travelling chose Dover in Southern Tasmania to convert an old house into a bed and breakfast. We opened about four years ago and have just recently won the Tasmanian tourism awards, I mentioned you in our 12,500 word submission.

“The feedback we receive through online reviews and in our guest book suggests that guests appreciate this level of detail and personal service and recognition. To have someone to personally welcome them by name, ask them about their trip to the Far South of Tasmania, answer any questions about running a Bed&Breakfast, our vegetable garden or running a small farm; being a good host is our point of difference. Maybe this inspires like-minded people? I have a book titled ‘Starting and Running a B&B’ by Stewart Whyte who ran a course I attended in Sydney many years ago, I let guests borrow the book then send it back once they have finished with it: it’s in Victoria again as I write this and will be back one day to be loaned out again.”

I hope you don’t mind me loaning your book out and wonder if any of the guests that have borrowed the book have gone on to start their own B&B’s. Thank you once again for a well run course that answered my questions and helped me get going.