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How to start a Bed & Breakfast business

How to run a Bed & Breakfast Business - The Whyte series - Bed & Breakfast books from BnB Central

How to know if a Bed & Breakfast is right for you
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How to find your market, assess competitors & set your price

How to prepare a financial analysis, business plan & sales targets

How to prepare your property forBed & Breakfast operation

How to get the most from local government & tourism authorities

Comprehensive and interactive worksheets

B&B books

testimonial Our advice? Do not try to open or run a B&B without this book. Pure gold.

testimonialWish I had this book before we started our own B&B. I might not have made so many mistakes.

testimonialI hate to think what we’d have done wrong without these books. Every aspect is covered, including things that aspiring B&B operators rarely consider.

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